Friday, December 28, 2007

Aunt Songbird is here! She brought us cookies! Big bags of cat cookies! She brought catnip! Toy mice! She is here and we love her!

Sister got dog cookies with yogurt icing! And sprinkles! She ate two and wanted the entire box but Aunt Songbird said, "save some cookies for later".

When I woke up this morning, I went in to Aunt Songbird's room. I jumped on her bed and looked at her!

She is really here!

Dubby says, "I love her! She is my Aunt Songbird!"

We say "ant" for "Aunt" down here because we are Southern Kitties.


Whistle, with Cat Cookie Breff!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Overheard at the Cattery Today

Dubby: I love Aunt Songbird.
Fish: How do you know? You haven't met her yet.
Dubby: My dog loves her, so I love her.
Fish: I love her, too.

Whistle: When Aunt Songbird gets here, I'm going to show her my new nose freckle.
Fish: Why?
Whistle: She will want to see it.

Fish: Aunt Songbird understands me. She appreciates contemplatives.
Dubby: She has fleas?
Fish: No! She will understand why I wish you'd leave me alone!
Dubby: Huh?

Sister: I am going on walks with Aunt Songbird.
Dubby: Where will you go? May I come, too?
Sister: Dearie, we will go outside. I will tell you all about it when I get home.
Dubby: Will you tell me what outside smells like?
Sister: Oh yes, you can smell my paws.
Dubby: Really?
Sister: Yes, now take your nap.
Christmas is just the best, isn't it?
We had a great day. I took a seven hour nap on Mom's bed after opening gifts, eating and getting a bag of Greenies ALL FOR ME!

Dubby chased ribbon, chewed wrapping paper and acted like a lil kitten.

Fish got a dangling toy. He love it and roared when people stopped playing with him.
Late last night, he charged into Mom's room wailing until she got out of bed to play with his new toy. He drags the dangle toy around the house.

I got everything I wanted. I DID want to have my picture taken with the President of Greenies but I guess she was busy.

I have very fresh Greenies breff,


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I got Greenies!
I got a cat toy!

Everybody is happy!

We are having canned cat food for Christmas Dinner!

Two days until Aunt Songbird arrives!

Gotta go play with my toy!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Aunt Songbird,

I want you to come soon!
I lined up cat crunchies to count how many days until your visit but Fish ate them.

Know what? I know even more great stuff since I saw you last year.
I learned to jump on the Mantlepiece and knock stuff off.
We got Dubby and I love him.
Sister is the best cat Nanny in the entire world! Just like last year!
I have a new freckle on my nose. I'll show it to you.
Fish got hurt then got well! He is the best jumper!
We learned to wait for our mom because she went on long trips.
I met new pet pals through my blog!

We all want to see you! Come soon!

Your best Orange Cat Other than Fish Who You Love Too,


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Guest Blogger: Andy the Cat

Christmas, the Santa Paws and all that is for kittens and young cats, but She asked for my list:
to eat a meal in peace without Dubby, Whistle and Fish sniffing me and putting their heads in my cat food
for all the neighborhood dogs to stay home and away from my yard
to worship in Methodist church sanctuary across the street without being "shoo-ed" out
That's it. I want to say that the spiritual part of Christmas is wonderful to me. I'm not talking about getting special canned food or even the extra cat cookies, I mean, humans seem to be happier and kinder with one another.
Also, if I get to speak at Midnight on Christmas Eve and the Christ Child is here, I'll thank him for putting in the Holy Book about people being stewards of animals. Years ago, people read that passage to mean that they could use or do whatever they wish to animals. Now, more humans seem to understand that we are part of God's good creation and deserve the honor God gives us.
Too busy to blog often but She asked me,
Andy the Cat

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sister went to the dog salon today. She tastes funny now.
Her breff is the same. Dubby's head smells like Sister's breff.

That's all for now,


Whistle's Christmas List

Dear Santa Claws,

I had a great year! We got Dubby! We learned new tricks! Fish got hurt, then got well!
Sister is so much fun! Andy got hurt and he got well!

Here is my Christmas list. I wish for these:

A great present for Sister because she is the Best Dog in the Whirl and my nanny.

400 lbs. of Greenies, the best cat cookie!

To be the spokescat for Greenies, the best cat cookie!

Get my picture taken with the President of Greenies, the best cat cookie!

Please get Fish and Dubby and Andy what they want for Christmas

More than one Birthday a year!



Friday, December 14, 2007

Guest Blogger: Dubby the Kitten

Dear Santa Claws,
I am a good kitten. I obey all the rules I know. I keep my paws and face clean. This is what I want for Christmas:
a felty mouse
for Fish to love me and let me snorgle with him
for Andy to stop hissing at me
cat cookies
a gekko from outside to come inside
for people to stop getting me mittens for my paws
to sit in Mr. C's lap for two or three hours

Friday, December 7, 2007

Today in Cat History

On December 7, 1962, Tippytoes Clark, a calico from Johnson City, Tenn., drank treated Christmas Tree water "because it tasted funny" and threw up. Tippytoes was taken to the vet, got shots, pills and had to spend the night.

Professor Whiskers' says "a warned cat is an aware cat" so don't drink tree water. It may have chemicals in it or be yukky.

Whistle, going for an A in American Cat History

Guest Blogger: Dubby

let me see, life with peoples is odd. first, they bring in a tree and then tell me to leave it alone.


Dubby, getting to be a big CAT

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today in Cat History

"Today is "Knock Something Big Over" Day in Cat History. On this day in 1982, Furry Catkins of Norman, Oklahoma, pushed an expensive handmade kitchen cannister off of the counter. When the owners found the broken pottery shards on the floor, Furry walked away as though she had nothing to do with the accident. And, who was to say she did have anything to do with it?" --- from Professor Whiskers' lecture on American Cat History

At our house, we get to play "cat baby" everyday.
Mom or LD picks us up and holds us like a baby on our backs.
we don't care for it.
Fish says Santa Claws is watching us to see if we are good so we have to be nice about "cat baby".
Do your people make you do goofy stuff at your house?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Guest Blogger: Dubby

Dear Aunt Songbird,
You know that bright and shiny chandelier over that place where they eat and we can look at their plates of people food but we aren't allowed there? You know the bright thing Mom keeps putting stuff on because she isn't sure if it's the tackiest thing in the house? The one the Big Cat says looks better now that she put funky stuff on it. Did you know that kittens aren't allowed to jump up and bat it?
I didn't.


We know this is coming.
One of us will have to be Santa Claws for Mom.
Fish is hiding under the living room wing chair.
Dubby says he can't do it because he's being Baby Jesus already.
Love, Whistle

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dear Little Man Kitty,
You want to know what a collar is? A collar is a piece of fabric which goes around your neck. A beautiful bell hangs on the fabric. If you are an outdoor cat, you get an award tag saying whose you are and where you got your shots (aka "owies"). Lots of cats wear collars.
We wear collars for several reasons. First, our Mom saw a movie "Lady and the Tramp" when she was a girl. It's a dog movie so don't bother watching it, ok? The yard dog in the movie gets a collar to show that he belongs to his people. He likes it. It's a sign of human-pet ownership. Another reason we wear collars is because Andy wears a collar. He's an outdoor/indoor kitty. If he gets lost or hurt outside, his collar will help him get home and help. Finally, the bells on collars helps our Mom find us when we are cat hiding. You know what that is don't you? Like when Fish goes on Retreat under the wing chair in the living room. He stays there for hours thinking deep cat thoughts. But, if Mom gets lonely for him, she calls his name and he will ring his bell for her to find him. He says he rings his bell from under the chair because he is irritated, but really he wants Mom to find him and scratch his polka dot cat tummy.
We have collars. We have leather collars with pewter accents for special occasions. We have soft collars to wear when we are being "cool". Our everyday collars are blue. Andy loses a collar 'bout everyday. Mom finds his collars on the ground underneath the azalea bushes and on the driveway. I take my collar off when I feel like it. Fish doesn't take off his collar. Not. Ever. Dubby keeps his collar on these days because sometimes he remembers where he lived before and the collar reminds him that his a forever cat in our family now.

We love you, LMK. You are a fine Cat Cousin. We all say this.

Whistle, your cousin