Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mysteries of Life Together

I don't know why the silver candlestick on the mantle got to the floor. I heard the candle had toof marks and scratches, but how would I know?

Many mysteries around here.

Why does Dubby walk between the faucet and the faucet handles under running water?
He gets wet every time and surprised.

Why does Fish run through the house hollering?

Why does that squirrel at the bird feeder run away when I jump at the window?

I'd like answers.

Whistle, my birthday will be here before you know it! I love Greenies!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Enjoy this Blog

Go see our pal, Maru, whose blog appears here.

He lives in Japan.

Do Japanese cattages have Greenies?

Love from Whistle

This is my blog and I approve this message

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pet News

Sister the Dog: Received certificate from Miss Barky's School of Canine Vocalization.
Top of class in: protective barking, various vocalizations

Whistle: I'm busy with Bottlecap Soccer and Pushing Around the Plantation Blinds. Extra points for games played late at night!

Dubby: Keeps pretending to need tutoring with eating GREENIES fed by Mom's hand. Geez! That cat is a mess! Need to mention he is learning Lap Sitting and doing well, according to Mom.

Fish: Wrote a blistering review of Naughty Naughty Kyle, a book about a Ginger cat who leaves good things around his home for his human. Got an "A" on the report!

Whistle, I don't miss much and this is my blog

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Birthday

1 6 5 Days until my birthday.

Prepare yourself.

I will be 4 (Four) years old.

Whistle, this is my bloggage

Friday, March 13, 2009

Raccoon Butt Shelf

This could happen to anyone!

Go here to see how to help a raccoon.

I wish all people were kind to animals everyday.

Whistle, I have new lip freckles. Looking Good, if I say so myself!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Sister Got A Night Off

Sister, our nanny, slept a long, snoring dog sleep last night. She was all alone without any cat company!

Our humans can't get their clock thingies fixed so they know when to get up. She went through the house playing with the clocks on Saturday night. I do not know why she did this.

The humans go to bed earlier and forget to get up on time.

How odd! If only humans were cats. Time for cats is easy. When you are hungry, you go to the food bowl. Sleepy? Drop on the bed for a nap. Humans look at clocks to know what to do. Silly! Around bedtime last night, they got confused.

Last night, Fish got outside and stayed outside until this morning! He is exhausted and smells like outdoors!

Dubby and I were shut up in the pantry all night. What's with that? Listening to Dubby read the food labels is boring. No litter box! No water!

With Fish outside, Dubby and I in the kitchen pantry Sister had a night to herself.

love from Whistle, the Ace Cat Reporter