Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Ginger Kitten

See this Ginger kitten and the two kittens behind him? He's at our Humane Society.
He does not have a Mama or Daddy or Who Man Bean children to play with.
Mom took this picture on Monday but waited until today to show it to us. Fish cried. I cried. We all meowed and howled.
These kittens need families to love them and wait upon them hand and paw.
We were rescue kittens but now we have a home.
Every kitten, cat, puppy and dog deserves a good safe home.
I am one of 600 million domesticated cats in God's World. I am doing my part to end homeless pets.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My laptop isn't working very well.
I'm busy helping my brother, Fish, get around because he has cast on his leg.
I have to monitor the bird feeder outside the kitchen window.
I want to blog but I'm busy being a Summer Cat.



Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fish is 'sposed to eat plain yogurt for added calcium while his leg heals. He doesn't like yogurt. I like yogurt! He gets shredded cheese instead. I like cheese!
Fish has his own friends. I guess this little animal is one of his friends from the Mrs. Tiggle-Wiggle's Summer reading group at the Cat Library.

8 Random Things About Me

1. I have polka-dots on my tummy.

2. I'm getting a black beauty mark on my nose. Fish's beauty mark is bigger!

3. I eat cat cookies out of my Mom's hand without dropping them.

4. I've caught 4 giant monstrous gekkos to protect my family.

5. I want to go outside.

6. Professor Whiskers thinks I'm a "bright young man who needs to apply himself".

7. My brother and I have the same birthday.

8. I'm a ginger cat, not "orange".

Cat kisses,


Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Enrichment for Pets, Debate Week

Our Mom keeps us studying in the summer. We are on vacation but she does not want our brains to soften. Mine feels just like it does during the school year but she may be on to something. A cat can't watch tree frogs and gekkos everyday without losing calculus and Cat History themes.

This was debate week. Sister, my dog, attended with us. Here is our debate:

Leash Laws: For or Against?

Rules: no name calling like "dog breath" or "hairball"; the louder your voice, the stronger your point.

Sister: I am against leash laws. How can a dog protect her people and cats if she can't run around checking the property. The hurricane broke our fence. Just because I go out into the street to sniff the Methodist tires across the street is no reason to stay home on a leash. What if a bad cat came into our yard or a bad dog? Leash laws are wrong!

Whistle: I am for leash laws. Dogs, except you, Sister, are scary and bad. Who needs dogs running around making poop and barking? What if they came into our house? Fish has a splint and he can't run as fast as I can. Put every dog except you on a leash! I like Molly and she's a dog but she is too busy at her home to come see us. She is an exception. All dogs on leashes!

Everyone applauded for us! We got a cat cookie for our good debate.

I'm not sure what we will study next week. The topic may be: "Hold It or Use the Litterbox: Six Steps to Better Pet Behavior. Yuk, like that would be fun...



Sunday, June 10, 2007

A GIANT GREAT BIG GEKKO LIZARD got into our house today! I made it stop moving! I did this alone and with GREAT BRAVERY.

I protected my family (and brother) from this GIANT LIZARD. I saved my family!


But, I made it stop terrorizing my family!

With All Humility,