Friday, August 27, 2010

My Birthday: Whistle

Tomorrow I will be 5 years old. I was born in an empty house the night before Katrina blew through my town. My Mom went into labor with me and my litter-mates as the barometric pressure rose. We all came into a new world of downed trees, no power and a ruined homes.
It's best to be a kitten when hurricanes come. We were safe and dry, left alone in a house with food and water for our Mom and a comfortable place for us to snuggle with her. My eyes weren't open yet so I couldn't see the sky or even outdoors. I didn't know our Mom kept us close because she was anxious. I was warm and dry and ready to nurse.
Several weeks later, my owner brought me to the family I have now. I don't remember much about my first owner but she must have loved us because our family now is great.
I've learned so much in five years.
*a full food bowl inspires confidence
*having my litter-mate and other brother by a different mother close-by makes me happy
*if you love a dog like my dog Sister, you can learn to love a new dog
*having friends everywhere is fun and they don't eat your cat cookies
*some people think my magazine subscriptions are odd. I'm taking Oprah's mag now. My New Yorker sub ended.
*cat cookies are great 24/7
*sleeping with my people is good
*if you use your litter box exclusively you get in less trouble
*Cat University is more fun than Cat School
*being a Ginger Cat means I am beautiful
*nose freckles are admired greatly

I'm sure there is more. I can't think beyond the canned cat food I'm getting tomorrow at my Birthday Bash.

Thanks for you support of my bloggage,

Whistle, this is my blog