Monday, September 17, 2007

Scary things...

Our Mom has her suitcase out. She's putting things in it and muttering. We aren't allowed in the room with her suitcase. I don't know if she is hiding things from us or if she is recalling how her Mother's cat "did something in suitcase" years ago as her Mom packed for England.
Anyway, she must be going somewhere again. First, she when to see the Aunts, Assumpta, Bea and Dibley. She stayed a long time.
Then, she went to Nashville to see Cheese, Sue and 1-4 Grace. She stayed a long time.
After that, she packed her suitcase for Atlanta and saw the RevGals. She stayed a long time.
Off to Washington to see PPB and many young gals. She stayed a long time.
Now, here she goes off to see Ireland. Who is that? She will stay a long time.
I don't care for it.
Who will keep our secret water bowls filled? Who will scratch my head and tickle the polka-dots on my tummy?
Who will go get Fish to give him cat cookies when he forgets to come to "Evening Cookie Time"?
Who will keep Dubby from getting into trouble?
Who will let Sister and Andy indoors, let them outdoors, indoors, outdoors...all day long?
Travel is not good. I'm against it. Really, really against it. Don't care for it.
Just so you know how I feel about it,
P.S. This is a picture of the suitcases and cases displayed at Ellis Island.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Things are pretty good around here. Fish can jump and fight again. Andy swatted me and hissed. I found catnip on the scratching pad today.
We have a new cat, Dubby. He's small and doesn't smell like us yet. I talked to him some and so did Fish. Sister is scared of him.
Maybe she's just upset that she has another kitten to raise. She leaves the room when Dubby comes in. Dubby walked over to her and rubbed his head on her leg. Sister didn't know what to do with him.
Dubby isn't a Ginger cat. This makes us sad for him. He looks a little bit like Andy because of grey striped fur. Other parts of Dubby are white.
LD keeps Dubby in her room and snuggles with him. I think she should pay more attention to us. I told her so and she said, "Whistle, don't bite Dubby!". I wasn't going to bite Dubby! I was looking for a head scratch and cat cookie.
Oh, here's the rub: the new kitten eats Greenies! I hope he brought his own supply. Like I feel like sharing Greenies with him! We have a big depot of cat cookies from our birthday gifts but these cookies are for us, not little cats who smell funny and are not Ginger.
Otherwise, all is well here and if you need me, I'll be taking a nap in my cat basket.
Sincerely yours,

Friday, September 14, 2007

Guess what? Andy is well! He is running around the house and going outside! He is so happy!

When I gave him the big sniff, he didn't hiss!

Is life great or what?



Sunday, September 9, 2007

From the Mailbag

Dear Whistle,
How is Andy?
---A Nother Cat Pal

Dear ANCP,
He's crabby in his confinement pen. He hates it! His owie is getting well. He hisses at us when we stick our paws in his pen.

Dear Whistle:
What do I do about bad breff?
---Pass Me a Breff Mint

Dear Mint,
Have you tried Greenies, the breff refreshing cat cookie? I have great breff because I use Greenies! I use Pittr Pat Mints to keep my meows clear and loud. They help my breff, too.

Dear Whistle,
When is good time for a cat cookie?

Dear Anon,
When is it not a good time to have a cat cookie? Believe me, a cat cookie helps any condition. Like if you are getting hissed at by Andy or if you see your Mom standing near where she keeps the cat cookies or when you feel a bit peaked or if you need to keep your strength up. A cookie is a great idea anytime.

Thanks for your questions! Keep your whiskers clean and as Cousin Meleech says, "Peace of the Paw",


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yesterday, our neighbors brought Andy to us. Andy has an open wound on his abdomen! The 'rents took him to the emergency vet! Andy got stitched up and has 3 medicines to take. Two are antibiotics, one is for pain!

LD brought Fish's confinement pen back inside and now Andy lives in it! He cannot run around until his stitches are removed!

He meows all the time!

We are so upset! Fish freaked when he saw the pen coming back inside! I got afraid when I heard Andy meowing his pain!

We sniff Andy and sit with him but he is unhappy!

We want Andy well so he can hiss at us and throw his paws at us!

Not. Good. At. All.,


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Do you remember when Jesus healed that group of cats and only one came back to thank him?

Do you remember how the other cats ran back to their families and kittens and friends as soon as they were healed?

I understand this passage now. Fish ran out of his confinement pen and we have been with each other since. Those six weeks when I couldn't clean his ears or bite him were the longest six weeks of my life! My ears got dirty! His ears were dirty!

Now I have clean ears and so does Fish.

When your loved one or brother comes back to you, it feels so great you can't do anything but rejoice.

I am one rejoicing cat. Fish is rejoicing, too.

He was broken and now he is healed.

Beside Myself With Joy,