Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Diary: Dubby

If I die before I wake, throw my diary in the lake.Dear Diary,

Hey! How have you been? Things going ok for you?
I'm great here. Christmas was the best ever! Really! I didn't write to Santa and he brought me great stuff anyway! Whistle and Fish changed the password so I couldn't send Santa my list but here's what I got: canned cat food, cat cookies, wrapping paper, string and boxes! I got Christmas canned cat food this morning, too!!!

Since this year is almost over, and I'm three years old, I'm writing you about what I learned in 2009:

*If you are heavier than your opponent, they don't pop you so hard in the head.(1)
*I love studying birds and squirrels. They are my friends and I hope to hug each one of them.
*If She kisses me, I don't have to move or wake up from a nap.
*How to eat cat cookies: open my mouth wide!
*Every cat likes you if you can open closed doors and untie knots.
*Snuggling with Whistle is comfy.
*My dog, Sister, is my best friend.
*It's OK to be a cat and smell like a dog.
*Whistle and Fish get in trouble more than I do.
*I like to hide under the dining room table.
*Cat School is easier if you don't sit next to Fluffy Catsworth.
*I can shred fabric, especially upholstery fabric,with my claws!

I can't think of anything else.

(1)I don't know why but this year some people called me "Lord LardBotton" and "Dump Truck"

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa, this is Whistle

Dear Santa,
Hi. How are you? How's it going up there in the North Pole? How is Mrs. Santa Claus?
Tell the reindeer I say, "Hi!"
I've been a good cat again this year. Everybody says I am a good-natured cat. I turned four in August. I make good grades at Cat School. I think I will be Class Favorite this year but if someone else wins, I'll be fine with that.
The picture looks like me in my Halloween costume. I have a collar just like this good-looking ginger cat. I wore my Halloween costume for hours and hours and didn't complain.
Maybe I should give you my Christmas List: I'd like a big bag of Greenies, maybe two or three of the giant size would be good. Please ask Mr. Greenies to make me the poster cat for Greenies. I love Greenies! I would like a few toys but not the toys with batteries because battery cat toys are scary to Dubby, my brother. I would like for my cat bed to be just for me. If you wrote a note to Fish and Dubby saying it was my cat bed they might leave my cat bed alone. Just a hint!
Please bring my dog Sister, a beautiful chewy bone and some tennis balls. She is the best dog in the world.
Love and thank you,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Christmas List: Fish

Dear Santa,
I am a good cat. I made an A in lap sitting this semester. I play well with my brothers and I keep my fur very clean. Please bring me:

a book about camping
a real cat tent
a book about Cat philosophers
Aristocats DVD
Stuff to chase

Yours Very Truly,