Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whistle Took My Cuteness Without Asking!

First, Whistle comes home from Cat Hospital and everyone is like, "Oh Whistle! We are sooo glad you are home. Here, have a handfull of cat cookies!"

Then, he takes my special trick and runs into the bedroom dragging MY fish toy meowing JUST LIKE I DO.

I am so OVER him! Really, he is a pain in the paw.

Fish, who is reading Plato and not happy with Whistle

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm back from the Cat Hospital!

Dr. Redhead let me come home this afternoon. I was ready to go!
I don't have a fever and I'm not dehydrated. I feel good and ready to eat all the cat cookies I missed getting.

Fish says he missed me so much he snuggled with Dubby last night. Hard to believe.
Dubby says he felt lonely and miserable without me.
Sister says, "I've been missing you, lil fella" She gave me several good sniffs and licked my head. I love her.

I have to take five more days of pills but no one knows what is wrong with me. I had a fever of unknown origin. I think I was so tired of February that I got sick.

Mom says she understands as she is tired of February, too.

Thanks for thinking of me. What would I do without my friends like you?


Whistle, this is my blog

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fish: Guest Blogger Whistle in Hospital

My brother, Whistle, was admitted to the Edgewater Cat Hospital this morning with fever and weight loss!

His ears were warm!

He stayed under the ottoman in the living room for a day and a half!

He ate three cat cookies this morning but didn't enjoy them!

Dr. Red Head Who Loves Cats will give him meds and fluids!

We are all worried! Dubby is making Get Well Whistle Cards!

I feel sad and odd because my brother is NOT AT HOME WITH ME!


P.S. I found this picture on teh internets. Whistle does not have a hurt paw. This pic is for illustrative purposes only.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Note from Cat School

The Faculty of Cat School met to discuss Dubby's request that he be allowed to bring Sister the Dog to Show and Tell. While we appreciate the close relationship between Dubby and his nanny, Sister, we feel that Sister's presence at Cat School will be disruptive. Very few, if any, of our students live with dog nannys. While we hope for the day when all animals may gather in peace, that day has not come to Cat School. We hope you understand. Please call me if I may be of help to interpret our decision to Dubby further.


Prof. Whiskers

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Blogger: Sister

I'm writing today about a dog I never sniffed.
Molly is Aunt Songbird's dog. Molly and I had several things in common: we are RevGalDogPals, we love Milkbone Dog cookies and we love Aunt Songbird.

When I was a puppy, Aunt Songbird helped my mom to learn to love me. Mom wanted to love me but a puppy is not a kitten. Mom is cat-oriented. I stained hardwood floors when I couldn't find the bathroom. I chewed stuff to make my teeth feel good. Mom doesn't like these things. When Aunt Songbird visited, I knew she would shine her dog love on me. In her reflection, Mom began to see me as me.

Before long, Mom loved me and says about me, "Sister is a good dog!" She values my work as a cat Nanny. She likes the protection I offer her by barking at strangers. She likes me to sit near her feet while she sews.

Aunt Songbird taught Mom how to make me sit when I get a dog cookie.

Isn't it funny how love flows around? Molly taught Aunt Songbird to love dogs, Aunt Songbird taught Mom how to love me and I taught my cats how to love me and each other.

I miss Molly already. She is now in the beautiful place where a dog can sniff, eat dog cookies and take long naps feeling great. Molly can walk and not feel weary, run and not faint. No elbow or paw pain anymore for Molly. When I go back to God, as Molly has, I will find her and give her the Great Sniff.

Aunt Songbird, we love you. I send you a long, mournful bark and tail subdued into stillness in honor of Molly. She was a fine dog.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fresh litter, how grand!
Either particles or sand,
the artist in me
makes piles or just pee
a canvas for expression
make hills or depressions?
Kick or flick it all out
stand still or turn about?

by Whistle, a cat who knows his litter

Monday, February 2, 2009

We went to the vet today.
We had to get in our cat carriers and ride in a car.
I had to share the cat carrier with Fish. Dubby was in the other carrier.
Fish and Dubby weigh 16 lbs. each. I weigh 15 lbs.
Everyone got two shots.
We had our temperatures taken in the wrong place.
It was so bad I can't discuss it further.

An entire bag of Greenies can't make me feel better.
But, you could try.

I may never be the same again.

Whistle, this is my blog and I approve this message

Guest Blogger: Fish

I take as my text, the Gospel lectionary passage for this week, Mark 1:37b-38a:

"they said to him, 'Everyone is searching for you'" He answered, Let us go to the neighboring towns"


Love, Fish

Going to the Vet

Hello. You've reached Cat Care Veterinary Hospital. Our hours are ... For emergencies, call ..... Please leave a message.

"ello, this is Dubby, I mean this is my Mom. We can't come to the vet today. We are busy. Please cancel our appointments."

Whistle: Dubby! You got it wrong! You said you were Mom!

Dubby: You told me to say I was Mom!

Whistle: No, you said you were Dubby then you said you were Mom!

Dubby: Oh. I used my Mom voice!

Whistle: We are in big trouble. Go hide! Go hide right now!

Dubby: What about breakfast?

Fish: This is ridiculous.

Whistle: Who asked you?

Fish: We are going to vet! No way out!

Whistle: The pet carriers aren't indoors. Are you sure?

Fish: I heard Her make the appointment.

Dubby: I feel sick.