Friday, December 28, 2007

Aunt Songbird is here! She brought us cookies! Big bags of cat cookies! She brought catnip! Toy mice! She is here and we love her!

Sister got dog cookies with yogurt icing! And sprinkles! She ate two and wanted the entire box but Aunt Songbird said, "save some cookies for later".

When I woke up this morning, I went in to Aunt Songbird's room. I jumped on her bed and looked at her!

She is really here!

Dubby says, "I love her! She is my Aunt Songbird!"

We say "ant" for "Aunt" down here because we are Southern Kitties.


Whistle, with Cat Cookie Breff!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Overheard at the Cattery Today

Dubby: I love Aunt Songbird.
Fish: How do you know? You haven't met her yet.
Dubby: My dog loves her, so I love her.
Fish: I love her, too.

Whistle: When Aunt Songbird gets here, I'm going to show her my new nose freckle.
Fish: Why?
Whistle: She will want to see it.

Fish: Aunt Songbird understands me. She appreciates contemplatives.
Dubby: She has fleas?
Fish: No! She will understand why I wish you'd leave me alone!
Dubby: Huh?

Sister: I am going on walks with Aunt Songbird.
Dubby: Where will you go? May I come, too?
Sister: Dearie, we will go outside. I will tell you all about it when I get home.
Dubby: Will you tell me what outside smells like?
Sister: Oh yes, you can smell my paws.
Dubby: Really?
Sister: Yes, now take your nap.
Christmas is just the best, isn't it?
We had a great day. I took a seven hour nap on Mom's bed after opening gifts, eating and getting a bag of Greenies ALL FOR ME!

Dubby chased ribbon, chewed wrapping paper and acted like a lil kitten.

Fish got a dangling toy. He love it and roared when people stopped playing with him.
Late last night, he charged into Mom's room wailing until she got out of bed to play with his new toy. He drags the dangle toy around the house.

I got everything I wanted. I DID want to have my picture taken with the President of Greenies but I guess she was busy.

I have very fresh Greenies breff,


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I got Greenies!
I got a cat toy!

Everybody is happy!

We are having canned cat food for Christmas Dinner!

Two days until Aunt Songbird arrives!

Gotta go play with my toy!


Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Aunt Songbird,

I want you to come soon!
I lined up cat crunchies to count how many days until your visit but Fish ate them.

Know what? I know even more great stuff since I saw you last year.
I learned to jump on the Mantlepiece and knock stuff off.
We got Dubby and I love him.
Sister is the best cat Nanny in the entire world! Just like last year!
I have a new freckle on my nose. I'll show it to you.
Fish got hurt then got well! He is the best jumper!
We learned to wait for our mom because she went on long trips.
I met new pet pals through my blog!

We all want to see you! Come soon!

Your best Orange Cat Other than Fish Who You Love Too,


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Guest Blogger: Andy the Cat

Christmas, the Santa Paws and all that is for kittens and young cats, but She asked for my list:
to eat a meal in peace without Dubby, Whistle and Fish sniffing me and putting their heads in my cat food
for all the neighborhood dogs to stay home and away from my yard
to worship in Methodist church sanctuary across the street without being "shoo-ed" out
That's it. I want to say that the spiritual part of Christmas is wonderful to me. I'm not talking about getting special canned food or even the extra cat cookies, I mean, humans seem to be happier and kinder with one another.
Also, if I get to speak at Midnight on Christmas Eve and the Christ Child is here, I'll thank him for putting in the Holy Book about people being stewards of animals. Years ago, people read that passage to mean that they could use or do whatever they wish to animals. Now, more humans seem to understand that we are part of God's good creation and deserve the honor God gives us.
Too busy to blog often but She asked me,
Andy the Cat

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sister went to the dog salon today. She tastes funny now.
Her breff is the same. Dubby's head smells like Sister's breff.

That's all for now,


Whistle's Christmas List

Dear Santa Claws,

I had a great year! We got Dubby! We learned new tricks! Fish got hurt, then got well!
Sister is so much fun! Andy got hurt and he got well!

Here is my Christmas list. I wish for these:

A great present for Sister because she is the Best Dog in the Whirl and my nanny.

400 lbs. of Greenies, the best cat cookie!

To be the spokescat for Greenies, the best cat cookie!

Get my picture taken with the President of Greenies, the best cat cookie!

Please get Fish and Dubby and Andy what they want for Christmas

More than one Birthday a year!



Friday, December 14, 2007

Guest Blogger: Dubby the Kitten

Dear Santa Claws,
I am a good kitten. I obey all the rules I know. I keep my paws and face clean. This is what I want for Christmas:
a felty mouse
for Fish to love me and let me snorgle with him
for Andy to stop hissing at me
cat cookies
a gekko from outside to come inside
for people to stop getting me mittens for my paws
to sit in Mr. C's lap for two or three hours

Friday, December 7, 2007

Today in Cat History

On December 7, 1962, Tippytoes Clark, a calico from Johnson City, Tenn., drank treated Christmas Tree water "because it tasted funny" and threw up. Tippytoes was taken to the vet, got shots, pills and had to spend the night.

Professor Whiskers' says "a warned cat is an aware cat" so don't drink tree water. It may have chemicals in it or be yukky.

Whistle, going for an A in American Cat History

Guest Blogger: Dubby

let me see, life with peoples is odd. first, they bring in a tree and then tell me to leave it alone.


Dubby, getting to be a big CAT

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today in Cat History

"Today is "Knock Something Big Over" Day in Cat History. On this day in 1982, Furry Catkins of Norman, Oklahoma, pushed an expensive handmade kitchen cannister off of the counter. When the owners found the broken pottery shards on the floor, Furry walked away as though she had nothing to do with the accident. And, who was to say she did have anything to do with it?" --- from Professor Whiskers' lecture on American Cat History

At our house, we get to play "cat baby" everyday.
Mom or LD picks us up and holds us like a baby on our backs.
we don't care for it.
Fish says Santa Claws is watching us to see if we are good so we have to be nice about "cat baby".
Do your people make you do goofy stuff at your house?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Guest Blogger: Dubby

Dear Aunt Songbird,
You know that bright and shiny chandelier over that place where they eat and we can look at their plates of people food but we aren't allowed there? You know the bright thing Mom keeps putting stuff on because she isn't sure if it's the tackiest thing in the house? The one the Big Cat says looks better now that she put funky stuff on it. Did you know that kittens aren't allowed to jump up and bat it?
I didn't.


We know this is coming.
One of us will have to be Santa Claws for Mom.
Fish is hiding under the living room wing chair.
Dubby says he can't do it because he's being Baby Jesus already.
Love, Whistle

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dear Little Man Kitty,
You want to know what a collar is? A collar is a piece of fabric which goes around your neck. A beautiful bell hangs on the fabric. If you are an outdoor cat, you get an award tag saying whose you are and where you got your shots (aka "owies"). Lots of cats wear collars.
We wear collars for several reasons. First, our Mom saw a movie "Lady and the Tramp" when she was a girl. It's a dog movie so don't bother watching it, ok? The yard dog in the movie gets a collar to show that he belongs to his people. He likes it. It's a sign of human-pet ownership. Another reason we wear collars is because Andy wears a collar. He's an outdoor/indoor kitty. If he gets lost or hurt outside, his collar will help him get home and help. Finally, the bells on collars helps our Mom find us when we are cat hiding. You know what that is don't you? Like when Fish goes on Retreat under the wing chair in the living room. He stays there for hours thinking deep cat thoughts. But, if Mom gets lonely for him, she calls his name and he will ring his bell for her to find him. He says he rings his bell from under the chair because he is irritated, but really he wants Mom to find him and scratch his polka dot cat tummy.
We have collars. We have leather collars with pewter accents for special occasions. We have soft collars to wear when we are being "cool". Our everyday collars are blue. Andy loses a collar 'bout everyday. Mom finds his collars on the ground underneath the azalea bushes and on the driveway. I take my collar off when I feel like it. Fish doesn't take off his collar. Not. Ever. Dubby keeps his collar on these days because sometimes he remembers where he lived before and the collar reminds him that his a forever cat in our family now.

We love you, LMK. You are a fine Cat Cousin. We all say this.

Whistle, your cousin

Friday, November 30, 2007

RGBP Friday Five

Parishioners pushing for carols before you digested your turkey?
Organist refusing to play Advent hymns because he/she already has them planned for Lessons & Carols?
Find yourself reading Luke and thinking of a variety of ways to tell Linus where to stick it? (Lights please.)
Then this quick and easy Friday Five is for you! And for those of you with a more positive attitude, have no fear. I am sure more sacred and reverent Friday Fives will follow.
Please tell us your least favorite/most annoying seasonal....

1) dessert/cookie/family food I like everything. I love Greenies Cat Cookies best of all!
2) beverage (seasonal beer, eggnog w/ way too much egg and not enough nog, etc...) I drink water only so I don't know about the taste of eggnog and beer.
3) tradition (church, family, other) Why can't we climb the Christmas tree? Why bring it inside if we can't climb it, chew it, and play hockey with the ornaments???
4) decoration See Above
5) gift (received or given) Christmas Cat Collars!!!!
BONUS: SONG/CD that makes you want to tell the elves where to stick it. Every CD that ISN'T Jingle Cats

Love from,


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guest Blogger: Dubby

Hey! My brothers are so silly! I can't stop giggling!
Guess what they told me???? And I'm supposed to believe them???

--we will have a real live tree INSIDE our house!!!

---some cats get food out of cans!!!!

---some people give their cats baths!!!!!

HAHAHAHA! Where do they get these ideas????

Is life great or what?


P.S. Don't worry about Fish. I love him and he will love me. I just know it.
Mark your calendars!
28 days until Christmas!
275 days until my birthday!
30 days until we have a Very Special Guest!


Guest Blogger: Fish

I am a quiet contemplative cat. I choose my friends with care. I am not a party animal. Life is best when things stay the same.
See this drawing? Whistle and I were best friends. We did everything together.
Now, Dubby takes naps with Whistle. Dubby plays with Whistle. Whistle asks me to nap and play with them but I don't want Dubby around.
I am not happy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here I am. When Mom is gone, I lose inspiration to blog. She's home now.

Here's the news from here:

I hate suitcases. Mom leaves with them. Don't like 'em.

Dubby did ewwws around the house while she was gone.

Fish loves Mom so much that he is writing poems about her.

Sister works hard so when she rests, I clean her ears for her. She is my dog.

We can't sleep in Mom's room when she's gone. He closed the door. Don't like this either.

The best thing happened! Aunt Songbird sent us a Thanksgiving Present. I have a card to prove this! She wrote it to the "catboys". I have new treats. I'm not sure I'll share them...

I took my collar off. Dubby took his collar off. Fish refuses to take his collar off. Andy took off his collar.

I love vacation days like today. No school until Monday!



Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ten Random Things About Me

Aunt Songbird asked me to play. I love her!

1. I love my birthday.

2. I love Greenies Cat Cookies.

3. When Dubby rough houses with me, I don't hurt him.

4. I love Sister, my nanny.

5. I nap in class at Professor Whisker's School.

6. I can fit 5 Greenies Cat Cookies in my mouth at once.

7. My fur is rougher than Fish's fur.

8. I catch feltie toys and put them on my Mom's bed because I love her.

9. I don't understand John Calvin.

10. I dream of going outside.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Progress Report from Professor Whiskers

Dear Mrs. Casserole,

Fish is doing well in school although he prefers to do projects alone rather than in groups. His work with making tents of everything shows a strong for privacy. His grades are good. His best friend is Whistle.

Whistle is doing well in school although he talks in class often. He is a good-natured cat. He has many friends due to his genial nature. He reaches out to comfort his classmates. I asked him why he wore a "hiss at me" note placed by a boisterous fellow student. He said he wore it because it made the student happy. He entertains us with quotes from his Nanny: "Take a nap and you'll feel better", "Clean ears are beautiful ears" and so on. Whistle wants to invite Sister the Dog to be his Show and Tell but not all cats love dogs. I'm sure you understand.

Young Dubby is adjusting well. He is eager to participate in all activities at school. He works hard at his studies. He becomes distressed when he cannot find Fish or Whistle. He eats a good lunch and several big snacks during the school day. He learned to spell "polydactyl" today which seemed to please him. When he wrote the word on the school litter box I reminded him of school rules about defacing property.

We are delighted to have Fish, Whistle and Dubby at our school. Mrs. Fluffy asks that I remind you that it will be your turn to bring Greenies for the snacks Tuesday.

Please contact me if I may be help to you.


Professor Whiskers

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Busy with our studies at Prof. Whisker's Cat School. Busy teaching Dubby how to be a good kitten. Busy taking naps, kicking cat litter and chasing things.

We are busy cats.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

heh heh heh
Hey Everybody! I'm blogging! heh heh heh!
Whistle is eating cat crunchies from his Wedgwood bowl in the kitchen so he doesn't know!
I'm dressing up as a big cat for Halloween. We are having a party. Mom says I should be a politican for Halloween since I have big paws. I don't want to wear Sans-A-Belt slacks and a comb over! I want to be a big cat!
LMK! How you doing? Hey Mel and Mugsy! Hey Truffle and Ouzo! Hey my dog at Zorras! Hey Molly! Hey everybody!
Gotta run...Whistle is coming to the study

Interview: Whistle with Dubby

Whistle here.
I'm interviewing Dubby.
Whistle: Tell us, Dubby, how it's going for you...
Dubby: Just great! I love it here! I have EVERYTHING I need: great kitten chow all the time, you, Fish and Andy and my own Nanny Sister!
Plenty to do here! Lots of blinds to play with! Good rugs to knead with my claws! I love my Owners! You let me take a nap with you!
W: Anything bothering you?
D: Nope.
W: Plans for the future?
D: Doing well at Prof. Whisker's Cat School, learning more tricks, pooping in designated areas only, making turkeys for Thanksgiving by outlining my know, that sort of thing.
W: You are a good kitten. Let me say just like Fish doesn't want anyone to disturb him when he's under his Sacred Turtle Quilt, I don't want you to use my blog. Got it?
D: Oh, sure! No more using your blog!
W: Great. Anything else for our readers?
D: Yeah, I have very clean ears! Whistle cleans my ears and does general grooming for me! Is that the best or what? I smell like my brothers and my Nanny now!
W: You are welcome, lil' fella! Ok. That's the interview. Remember the part about not using my blog...
D: No prob! Wanna play?
W: Sure....
That's the news from here,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why I Am Happy

See me with Whistle? I am very happy.
Love and Kisses,


Whistle here. Hope you are well. I'm doing fine. Here's a letter from the Mailbag:

Dear Fish:
My owner may be considering seminary. He mutters "exegesis", "pericope" and "student loans" often. You are a preacher's cat so maybe you can help me. Any tips on cat protocol as a P.C.?
---Kitty Kitty Graham

Dear Kitty Kitty:

Preacher Cats face several issues. First, if your owner is studying, go sit on books and papers under your owner's nose. Pay attention to keyboards and learn to make music by standing or sitting on the keys. Keyboards are like warm beds, too.

Second, when church people visit in your owner's home, make them feel welcome by hiding. If you do come out to look the church person over, get on the kitchen counter. Nothing says "feed the seminarian/preacher" like giving the impression that you are allowed to run wild in the food prep area.

From Sister, our great dog, I've learned that it's important to release your intestinal fortitude as close to the visitor as possible. I don't get this entirely but Sister believes that sharing smells is hospitable. She sniffs everyone, front and back, too.

I've spoken to Whistle about this next one. Please, please, please do not play "personal interaction games" when a church person visits. Leave these for when we are alone. Even if the conversation is stale or stumbling, no one needs to see Whistle's imitation of "Brokeback Kitty".

Finally, can you share your fur? Make sure the visitor leaves covered in your fur.

If your owner goes to seminary, have no fear about dorm living. Our owner had a cat in the dorm at UTS. The seminary catalog specified that students were allowed "only aquariums and terrariums". She named her cat, "Terry" and they lived a happy life in a dorm room.

Preacher Cats have a high calling to comfort owners. Give some leg rubs when sermon writing is going slowly. Wake your owner up early on Sunday mornings. Purr when you see your owner praying.



Monday, October 8, 2007

Speaking of Collars

In our house, we wear collars. People enjoy hearing our bells before we jump from doorways.
Andy gets to go outside so he wears a collar for safety. He lost three collars in three days last week! Is he the best or what???

I lost my collar. Now I am running around nekkid. Really.

Dubby is too little for a collar. His neck is about the size of my nose.

When you are nekkid you feel the breeze on your neck when you charge through the house. I feel freed up, ready to race down the hallway!

I know where my "lost" collar is. I'm not telling.

A Wild Cat Named,


Saturday, October 6, 2007

It is 328 days until my birthday.

I knew you wanted an update for your planning.



P.S. It's ok with me if Dubs blogs. I just hope he doesn't get a Facebook page.

Stealth Blogger: Dubby

Here I am. Whistle can bluster all he wants but I can type faster than he can! Get a load of my paws! He's in the kitchen chewing cat chow so I came in here to blog.

I love my home and family! I landed in butter!
Great cat crunchies for food. I don't miss that canned stuff at the Book Store but the noise of a popping can catches my ears.

I love W. and F.! Whistle lets me play with him and Fish will learn to love me, too. Sister is the best dog Nanny in the entire world, maybe the universe!

I love Greenies, bottle caps, cat toys and books. Yes, I'm going to Prof. Whisker's School with the older brothers. I'm learning how to be a locksmith, play the piano and programming. All of us polydactyl kitties get to be on the Paw Track there. For fun, when it rains and we can't go into the playground, we practice tying knots.

Gotta go, here comes Whistle. You can call me "Happy Dubby" because I am.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Our New Kitten

This is Dubbertee Bunratty, our new kitten. Our LS says Fish and I are such great cats that we need to help another cat be great, too.

This is what we are teaching Dubby (his nickname, not for his formal stationary):

*teach to use claws on furniture

*race through the house on thunder paws late at night

*kick cat litter

*get on the kitchen counter

*hide in Mom's closet

Our next big lesson is how to pull toilet paper off the roll into a big pile. He's not quite ready for this lesson.

I taught him how to stand up to get cat cookies but wish I hadn't. It's not easy sharing cat cookies with Fish, Dubby and Sister. In a perfect world, I'd get ALL the cat cookies.



P.S. Aunt 1-4 Grace sent us the most wonderful cat treats and stuff! She sent Mom a bracelet and earrings too! Even Sister got a dog fur smoother! We love her gifts! We love her!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scary things...

Our Mom has her suitcase out. She's putting things in it and muttering. We aren't allowed in the room with her suitcase. I don't know if she is hiding things from us or if she is recalling how her Mother's cat "did something in suitcase" years ago as her Mom packed for England.
Anyway, she must be going somewhere again. First, she when to see the Aunts, Assumpta, Bea and Dibley. She stayed a long time.
Then, she went to Nashville to see Cheese, Sue and 1-4 Grace. She stayed a long time.
After that, she packed her suitcase for Atlanta and saw the RevGals. She stayed a long time.
Off to Washington to see PPB and many young gals. She stayed a long time.
Now, here she goes off to see Ireland. Who is that? She will stay a long time.
I don't care for it.
Who will keep our secret water bowls filled? Who will scratch my head and tickle the polka-dots on my tummy?
Who will go get Fish to give him cat cookies when he forgets to come to "Evening Cookie Time"?
Who will keep Dubby from getting into trouble?
Who will let Sister and Andy indoors, let them outdoors, indoors, outdoors...all day long?
Travel is not good. I'm against it. Really, really against it. Don't care for it.
Just so you know how I feel about it,
P.S. This is a picture of the suitcases and cases displayed at Ellis Island.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Things are pretty good around here. Fish can jump and fight again. Andy swatted me and hissed. I found catnip on the scratching pad today.
We have a new cat, Dubby. He's small and doesn't smell like us yet. I talked to him some and so did Fish. Sister is scared of him.
Maybe she's just upset that she has another kitten to raise. She leaves the room when Dubby comes in. Dubby walked over to her and rubbed his head on her leg. Sister didn't know what to do with him.
Dubby isn't a Ginger cat. This makes us sad for him. He looks a little bit like Andy because of grey striped fur. Other parts of Dubby are white.
LD keeps Dubby in her room and snuggles with him. I think she should pay more attention to us. I told her so and she said, "Whistle, don't bite Dubby!". I wasn't going to bite Dubby! I was looking for a head scratch and cat cookie.
Oh, here's the rub: the new kitten eats Greenies! I hope he brought his own supply. Like I feel like sharing Greenies with him! We have a big depot of cat cookies from our birthday gifts but these cookies are for us, not little cats who smell funny and are not Ginger.
Otherwise, all is well here and if you need me, I'll be taking a nap in my cat basket.
Sincerely yours,

Friday, September 14, 2007

Guess what? Andy is well! He is running around the house and going outside! He is so happy!

When I gave him the big sniff, he didn't hiss!

Is life great or what?



Sunday, September 9, 2007

From the Mailbag

Dear Whistle,
How is Andy?
---A Nother Cat Pal

Dear ANCP,
He's crabby in his confinement pen. He hates it! His owie is getting well. He hisses at us when we stick our paws in his pen.

Dear Whistle:
What do I do about bad breff?
---Pass Me a Breff Mint

Dear Mint,
Have you tried Greenies, the breff refreshing cat cookie? I have great breff because I use Greenies! I use Pittr Pat Mints to keep my meows clear and loud. They help my breff, too.

Dear Whistle,
When is good time for a cat cookie?

Dear Anon,
When is it not a good time to have a cat cookie? Believe me, a cat cookie helps any condition. Like if you are getting hissed at by Andy or if you see your Mom standing near where she keeps the cat cookies or when you feel a bit peaked or if you need to keep your strength up. A cookie is a great idea anytime.

Thanks for your questions! Keep your whiskers clean and as Cousin Meleech says, "Peace of the Paw",


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yesterday, our neighbors brought Andy to us. Andy has an open wound on his abdomen! The 'rents took him to the emergency vet! Andy got stitched up and has 3 medicines to take. Two are antibiotics, one is for pain!

LD brought Fish's confinement pen back inside and now Andy lives in it! He cannot run around until his stitches are removed!

He meows all the time!

We are so upset! Fish freaked when he saw the pen coming back inside! I got afraid when I heard Andy meowing his pain!

We sniff Andy and sit with him but he is unhappy!

We want Andy well so he can hiss at us and throw his paws at us!

Not. Good. At. All.,


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Do you remember when Jesus healed that group of cats and only one came back to thank him?

Do you remember how the other cats ran back to their families and kittens and friends as soon as they were healed?

I understand this passage now. Fish ran out of his confinement pen and we have been with each other since. Those six weeks when I couldn't clean his ears or bite him were the longest six weeks of my life! My ears got dirty! His ears were dirty!

Now I have clean ears and so does Fish.

When your loved one or brother comes back to you, it feels so great you can't do anything but rejoice.

I am one rejoicing cat. Fish is rejoicing, too.

He was broken and now he is healed.

Beside Myself With Joy,


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who let the cat out? Who? Who?

Fish is out of his confinement pen! Dr. Jen said his x-rays showed healed bone!

He's running around singing!

I am so happy!

I have my Fish back!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We got canned Cat Food for our birthday dinner tonight!!! Never had it before! DELICIOUS!

We got snacks like New Zealand Venison Jerky!!!Greenies!!!CatBerry!!!Cat Coat!!!

We got catnip candy bars! Furry mice! New Collars!!! We got birthday cards from Josie and Boudreaux! LittleManKitty sent beautiful catnip candy bars, cat cookies and furry mice!

We got pieces of leather string to chew! We got everything a good cat could want!


We got new collars! We look very handsome and catly! We are 2!



Monday, August 27, 2007

Almost here!

Our birthday is tomorrow! We can't wait! Mary Beth sent us Jerky for Cats but we can't open it until tomorrow! We got cards with our names on them! One for me, one for Fish! We get to open them tomorrow!

We will be 2! Two years old! We'll be able to have our own Netflix queue! We'll get to go to the big doctor and not the pediatric vet. Good for us! Our pediatric vet and our big vet is Dr. D.!

We'll get to run everywhere in the house and even the mantle in the family room! We can chew tassels off our Dad's loafers! We'll get to do everything!

I just know it!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

How We Got Our Names

I've been thinking lately about the people I meet
The carwash on the corner and the hole in the street
The way my ankles hurt with shoes on my feet
And I'm wondering if I'm gonna see tomorrow.

Father forgive us for what we must do
You forgive us we'll forgive you
We'll forgive each other till we both turn blue
Then we'll whistle and go fishing in heaven.

I was in the army but I never dug a trench
I used to bust my knuckles on a monkey wrench
Then I'd go to town and drink and give the girls a pinch
But I don't think they ever even noticed me.

Fish and whistle, whistle and fish
Eat everything that they put on your dish
And when we get through we'll make a big wish
That we never have to do this again again

On my very first job I said thank you and please
They made me scrub a parking lot down on my knees
Then I got fired for being scared of bees
And they only give me fifty cents an hour.

Written by the John Prine, a fabulous human being.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guest Blogger: Fish

Dear Friends,

Monday is my next appointment with Dr. D. my vet. I'll have x-rays taken to see if my leg is healing with the new pins and graft. I know I'm doing well because I walk on my hurt leg and put pressure on it. My leg doesn't hurt.

I'm ready to leave my hermitage and return to the world! I've spent time meditating, thinking, contemplating, reading and having deep thoughts. Now it is time for me to leave my confinement pen and race around the house like a crazy cat. Really.

Thank you for praying for me. I know your prayers helped me heal and continue to do so. Thank you for my birthday presents and for putting up with my brother.

Whistle is cruising for a bruising. As a Brother, I shouldn't let him get on my last nerve. He sticks his paws into my pen to get my cat crunchies. He grabs my tail when I stick it out of the cage (like when I'm sleeping). He gets to sleep with our people in their bed and I can't.

Just so you know,


Friday, August 24, 2007

Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell anybody!

Littlemankitty sent us a birthday box! Mom opened it to see who sent it then told us we couldn't have it until our birthday...

I got into the box and found a furry mouse toy! Greenies! Cat Crunchies! Catnip Candy Bar cat toys! All from my Cousin LMK!!!

Mom saw me with a spit-drenched furry mouse!

Then I told her I needed to have a Cat Crunchy! It's a new kind! I got one and so did Fish!

Are birthdays the best or what?

I'll be TWO YEARS OLD on Tuesday! So will my brother Fish!

LMK, you are the best!



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Melech,
You are a great kitten! We all think so! You sent us cat cookies! We love them and got our Mom to buy more for us. Even our nanny, Sister, likes the cranberry cat cookies.

I hear that you are using your feet and paws funny around your litter box! This is great! Keeps the humans on their toe pads wondering what you are doing. Our forecat, The Great Rusty, perched with all four feet on the edge of his plastic litter box. Sometimes he did his work inside the box, other times, he just didn't.

I have a Booda litter box with steps. I walk up a ramp into an enclosed litter box. Lots of privacy, good place to kick litter everywhere! Love it! Our Mom likes it because she doesn't sweep up kicked litter everyday. Because the Booda is like a lil' round house, the litter stays inside of it. The steps knock off the litter crumbs when I leave the Booda. I think I heard LMK has a Booda, too.

When Fish gets out of his Hermitage, I'll share the Booda with him, or so my Mom says. He may have to get his own! A cat likes his own place to return to the earth what came from the earth (see my poem, "Bitter Litter" from my book, " Fish's Greatest Poems and Quotes: One Cat's Perspective on Life, Naps and Cookies", InterVarsity Press, 2007)

Anyway, you are a great kitten and I'm sure you are helping your Mom feel needed. Be sure to learn to sit on her lap and make her calm. This is holy work and one of the reasons God called us to be Preacher Pets.

Peace of the Paw,


Monday, August 20, 2007

Party Animals Cat Cake

This is NOT the cake I want for my birthday. This is a cake for people. I want a cat cake!

How to make a Party Animals Cat Cake: take a can of great canned cat food, open the can, let it fall out onto a Wedgwood or Doulton salad plate (really, I want a Lynn Chase wild animal plate but we don't have one), place two birthday candles into it. One candle is for me; one is for Fish and we make are two cats so it works! Serve cake to me first, then Fish...

Why Party Animals Cat Cakes are the best: because getting wet canned food is a very special treat.

My Birthday is the 28th. Eight days from now I will be two years old. Fish will be two, too. He's my brother.

Have I mentioned any of this before?



Friday, August 17, 2007

Eleven days, count em', 11 days until my birthday! I'll be two! That's 2 big old just-about-grown-up years old!
Fish's birthday is the same day. He was born first and weighed more than I did. Now I am bigger than he is but he lost weight when he hurt his leg. He's gaining it back in his new persona, I mean, catsona as Brother Fish.
Almost my birthday!,
P.S. My Aunt LLS in NC says she can't believe we are having another birthday. She said we just had one. Mom told her, "No, Whistle talks about it all the time, year-round."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Boring, boring, boring!!! Whew! I'm sick of my brother, Brother Fish, blogging here. Get your own blog, you slacker cat!

Fish is BORING!

Let's discuss something we are all fascinated about: MY BIRTHDAY IN 13 DAYS!!!

I'm sending out invitations. Mom says I may invite whoever I wish but to remember that far away pet friends won't be able to come. That's OK with me! I just want other animals to know I love them!

Guest List for Whistle's Birthday Party (and Fish's....)

All of my RevDog and RevCat pals!
Chubby the Squirrel out the kitchen window.
Gypsy the Cat
Border Collies down the street

and then, I'm inviting humans who sound interesting:

Miriam Webster, she knows words
Warren Peace
Chester Drawers
James Herriot
Dr. D., our vet
Whoever it is who owns the Greenies factory

Can you think of anyone else for my guest list?

Did I tell you that Mom is ordering a canned cat food cake from Party Animals Bakery? Yummy!

Love from your Favorite blogger,


P.S. Have you bought my gift yet? Not that I'm asking for one because I'm not supposed to ask for gifts and I wouldn't think about asking for a gift even though my birthday is in 13 days.

Guest Blogger: Fish the Cat

Excuse me, I made a mistake. Pages 5-7 were stuck together! I can't be St. Fish! I have to be Brother Fish.

The book, A Cat's Guide to Being a Monk, says that I can't be a Saint while I am alive. My Mom is the exception because, well, she's just a Saint...


Call me Brother Fish.

I have to get initials after my name now. Let me go check the book.

Holy and getting better at it,

Brother Fish

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guest Blogger: Fish

Dear Friends,
As you know, I've been in confinement for years so my fractured-three-pins-added leg may heal. I've had a great deal of time to think.
After much reflection and reading, I've decided to become St. Fish. I discover that I am a contemplative cat who likes to meditate under my turtle quilt. During meditation, I realized that I do not miss television, my ipod or watching bird videos. Instead, I've discovered blessings in the quiet. My "cage" has become my hermitage. My time "apart" are refreshing moments when I can think deep thoughts about my food bowl, my paws and life itself.
Therefore, I have taken the name, "St. Fish", to honor my Mom and in recognition of my new monk self. I can't figure out how to tonsure my head so I believe my shaved back leg will serve as my "monk's mark".
Please, no more gift cards for downloading iTunes or frivolous cat toys (except catnip mice). I do accept cat cookies because a cat who can't enjoy cat cookies has poor theology.

In Quietness and Rest,

St. Fish (do you recall that my birthday is 14 days from now?)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dear RevCats and RevDogs,

It is time for us to plan our retreat. My mom won't come home from Hogwarts. Ouzo is eating jelly off a bagel and Mel is taking clothing out of drawers. I'm busy trying to get someone, anyone to clean my litterbox. Fish, mentioned at the Blogher Conference post (!) is tired of being in his confinement pen.

Molly, are you with us? What about you, dog blogger? I want Lila to come be with us, too. She doesn't blog yet.

I say we all get together, have a good sniff then go eat cat chow. Or, dog chow. We chew up a few fuzzy toy mice, hang out around the water bowl then have a meow fest and bark concert.

Are you with me?

Whistle, tired of watching RevGals whoop it up while the pets stay home

P.S. 20 days until our birthday. Fish and I will be two years old!!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our Mom moved to Hogwarts and it is quiet here.

Everyone leaves us in the mornings. If my water bowl isn't filled (you know the secret hidden bowl I like to use?), I have to go drink at the kitchen sink. There isn't anyone to chase around or help do daily chores. I go see Fish in his confinement pen but he's busy composing poetry and thinking deep thoughts.

I looked at where Mom went. It looks like Hogwarts. She went there to think about preaching. What's to think about? Either preach or don't preach. That's what I say.

I'm lonely. My dog, Sister, stays outside while the Family is gone during the day. She barks to come inside when I wave my paws at her from the window. I can't open the doors.

My cousin, LMK, has an extra toe on each front paw. He can pick up quarters! He could open the doors here if he came to visit. His mom went to Hogwarts, too. Did everyone's mom go to Hogwarts?

It's early so my family is home now. I need to go meow at the bathroom door to see if the Big Lion will let me in. Then I need to put my nose on LD to wake her up.



P.S. My birthday is in 21 days. You didn't hear it from me...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Shhhhhhhh! Fish is sleeping!

Andy killed a bird today. He wanted to bring the bird inside but Mom wouldn't let him. Cool!

My birthday is in 24 days, just sayin'. has Greenies on sale.... just sayin'
Fish's birthday is in 24 days, too.

Mom is going away. I hate this! Who will fill my secret waterbowls in our house? Who will scoop litter twice a day? Who will tickle my tummy and tell me that I'm the cutest best kitty in the world?

Tomorrow, it will be 23 days until my birthday. I am not asking for gifts or anything, in case my Mom is reading this...

Whistle, who could eat a Greenie or two this very minute

Friday, August 3, 2007

Letters from Confinement, by Fish

Whistle here. I'm transcribing Fish's notes smuggled from his confinement pen here in Mom's Study. He says stuff and I type it.

"While it's difficult to stay in a barred cage all day and night, I am concentrating on the positives. My stitches are out. My leg is healing and although it is weak from months in a cast, I can put my foot down. Everyday my hurt leg moves closer to my body in alignment with other leg.

Healing is more than physical. I've spent time lonely and isolated from my peeps and dog. Whistle sleeps on top of my cage or next to me so I can feel his fur through the bars. That's good but I miss freedom.

I'm reading the Psalms again for comfort. I've read Buechner's "The Alphabet of Grace", "The Book of Confessions" and a book on cat health. I'd read more but I have to stare at the bars of my pen and think about freedom.

I dug through my cat litter thinking I could dig out of here but no luck. They replaced cat litter with shredded newspaper then gave up on that, too. I use a bare litter box now. I wouldn't mention this indelicate subject but here on the 'net, we tell stuff we wouldn't mention in polite company.

I have about a month left in here. Thanks for thinking of me. I think about you, too.



Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fish's awful Elizabethan collar is off. We are burning it! Not really, because we don't mess with fire (See Cat Code F.765.a) but we are THROWING IT AWAY!

Our Vet says his leg is healing well and took his stitches out. He was a brave cat according to LD and the Big Cat who took him to the Veterinary this morning.

Fish came home, ate a big lunch and curled up in his turtle quilt. He is very happy.

I'm happy, too. Gotta go. A nap on top of his cage is calling me.

Mom will be in the study with us ALL NIGHT. Her sermon isn't finished.



P.S. Sister, my dog, went to the beauty parlor today. She smells good!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Whadda Week!

Whew! Taking care of Fish is HARD WORK!

He came home on Tuesday from the Veterinary. Fish's leg is looking good because the dermitatis from wearing a cast for months is healing. He gets his staples out tomorrow morning!

He can throw away his Elizabethan collar then! He hates it.

I sleep on top of his cage. That's what I call it because Confinement Pen sounds like something in a prisoner movie and it's too hard to spell.

Mom is cooking his favorite meals. LD pets him and talks to him. He can't come out of his cage except when Mom cleans it out because he isn't allowed to walk around outside.

I help him keep his cage clean by sticking my paws through the bars to grab his food. No one believes me when I say I'm just helping him.

Too tired for more,

Whistle, A Great Brother to Fish

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Monday, July 23, 2007

Fish didn't come home today.
Fish comes home tomorrow. His new confinement thing is too big for Mom's leetle car.
The Big Cat's car was busy at the Courthouse all day long.

Fish comes home tomorrow. Mom and LD will go get him in the big car.

I want to see my brother, Fish.



Julie Andrews, in the most excellent musical, The Sound of Music, suggests that we think of our favorite things when we are afraid or troubled.
I am troubled. Will Fish come home today? Is he ok? What does "confinement" mean?
Julie mentions "whiskers on kittens" so I know she'll approve of my List of Favorite Things:
bottle caps
cat toy stuffies
gekkos in the house
bellowing in the middle of the night
waking Mom up really early
running through the bedroom at high speed meowing
scratching furniture
chasing or being chased by my dog, Sister
licking Fish
eating cat cookies
these are a few of my favorite things.
Cat Kisses,

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fish may come home from the Veterinary on Monday.
I hope he comes home tomorrow because I miss him.
I will be very nice to him when he comes home.
I cannot play with him because he will be in confinement to keep his hip and leg quiet.
Maybe I can put my sleeping bag beside his cage thingie so I can hear him at night if he needs me.

He cannot play with me for 43 days, if you count today. He has to stay in his cage thingie. And I cannot go into his cage thingie.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Not Fair! Not Fair! Not Fair!

My dog, Sister, saw Fish at the Veterinary today! She got to nuzzle Fish! I didn't get to go.
Sister got her booster shots and bloodwork done then saw Fish!

Not Fair! Not Fair! Not Fair!

I sent one of Mom's stuffie mice to Fish. LD rubbed the mouse all over me so the mouse would smell like me and make Fish happy. LD said that Fish took the mouse, sniffed it, licked it then fell asleep on it.

I don't get to go see Fish at the Cat Hospital!

Everyone says Fish looks great. He's eating well and meows when he wants to be ear scratched.


Whistle, the only one in the entire family (except Andy) who hasn't gotten to see Fish

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is Fish in his hospital room at the Veterinary. He's wearing an "e-collar" (for Elizabethan) to keep him from licking or biting his stitches.
You can see where the techs shaved him (no nicks, thank goodness!). His front right paw is wrapped in yellow tape to conceal his IV port.
Mom and LD saw him today. When the Vet opened the door to his room, Mom just about climbed into it to cover Fish with her body. Fish purred and purred. You can see that we took his turtle quilt to him so he can smell home and love.
Fish looks good. Clear-eyed and eating lots of little Science Diet crunchies. The vet is impressed that Fish did a toe touch when stood up this morning, drank water and navigated his litter box.
This morning, as the Vet worked on her nearby computer, Fish began to meow. She asked him what he wanted. He wanted to be petted so she opened his door and gave him head scratchies.
Mom and LD came home to tell me all this. I don't understand the Elizabethan collar or why they had to shave his personal area, too. No kidding, I'm NOT fracturing MY LEG EVER.
Fish had three pins put into his bones. When he comes home on Monday, he'll have to be confined for 6 weeks. I can't beat him up, I mean, play hard with him for 6 weeks.
Keep praying for my brother, ok? I feel better now because I know he is going to get well.
Love and thanks,
Whistle the Cat

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fish got through his surgery to put cross pins in his fracture to hold his leg. He didn't have a bone graft after all.

Our vet is going to pick him up tonight in Louisiana and bring him back to her veterinary.

Fish is on an IV.

Humans may visit him tomorrow but we cats may not go and Sister, my dog, can't go visit either. Not fair.

Thank you for praying for Fish. He will be in the veterinary until Monday at least. Then he can come home but will be in confinement (what is that???).

I'm just telling you what I heard.

I feel better and hope Fish isn't scared and lonely in Louisiana.

Your Pal,


Monday, July 16, 2007

We spent today getting Fish ready for his trip to the vet in Louisiana.
We tried to pretend that he's going to "cat camp" but he isn't.
Mom takes him to meet Dr. D., our vet, early tomorrow morning at the Veterinary. Dr. D. drives Fish to see the orthopaw consultant.
We don't know if Fish will spend one night or two in Louisiana so Mom is sewing his name labels into his cat pajamas and making sure he has clean clothes.
Fish wants to take his turtle quilt but he isn't allowed to bring his own bedding unless it's a thin flannel type blanket.
He's packed his flashlight, his Gamecat and his iPod. Mom put his name on everything, then made a list of what she packed for his suitcase.
We can't eat anything after midnight tonight because Fish has to fast.
I don't quite get that because when I'm hungry I feel slow. Andy, Sister and I are holding off on eating anything after midnight (until Fish and Mom leave tomorrow morning) to show our support.
I made Fish a card about how he's the best brother in the whole world.
Andy chuffed him on the shoulder and said, "Be good, Kid!" and Sister is all over Fish licking and sniffing him.
Mom had to tell Sister to leave Fish alone because Fish was getting slobbery.
I know Fish is in God's hand but I feel sad because he's never been so far from home. Not since we came to live with Sister the Dog. And, when we traveled to come here, we were together.
Whistle, not quite myself tonight

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Brother Fish

Fish went to see the vet today. He got a new cast. I think this is #5 or, maybe #4. This one is yellow and white.

Fish's leg fracture isn't healing.

He goes Tuesday for a consult with the pawopedic vet in Mandeville. Our Vet, Dr. D. is driving him over to see the pet orthoped. Dr. D. overnighted his X-rays to the new doctor.

Fish is very discouraged. He says he will never jump high again. He says he doesn't want to play bottlecap soccer, cat tennis, golf or even string.

Our pal, Melech, sent Fish Cat Cookies. I offered to eat them for him but he said, "I'm not that discouraged." Melech, you are a Prince of A Cat. Peace of the Paw, to you, too.

I feel sad,


Mom is upset and has puffy eyes. I nudged her with my nose and she petted me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Mom is gone. We cannot find her. Fish and I looked in EVERY room. She is gone.
No one is cleaning our litter box twice a day.
The water bowl in the study is dry.
Sister ate our food. We are hungry.
No one is here saying, "kitties? where are you, kitties?"
I need to have my stomach scratched.

Very sad, going to leave a gift somewhere...


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Crookshanks, another famous Ginger Cat

This is Crookshanks, Hermione's cat. He needs to be brushed! Fish says he is supposed to look messy for the Harry Potter movies.
Our family is reading the HP books again. The new movie comes out soon, so does the last book.
We would like to be cat wizards like Crookshanks.
Want to hear the spells we'd say?
"Explorium!!!", makes doors open so we can go outside.
"Feedia!", instant food bowl refills!
"Exitedia", to jump through kitchen windows so we can chase the birds at the bird feeder!
"Andyamoreus!", this spell makes Andy love us and play with us!
"Evaporatelitterboxia", cleans the litter box!
"Appearia!", makes new cat toys appear!
Fish said we don't need wands, just our outstretched paws to make these spells. He is meowing
"healmeia" at his splint right now.
What spells would you add if you could be like Crookshanks?
Peace to the Paw*,
*our cat pal, Melech, says this to us!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Fetch, Whistle, Fetch!

I can retrieve a diet coke bottle cap (the plastic ones)! I did it eight times before I remembered to be diffident in front of Mom!

She thinks I'm great!

Whistle, move over Beckham!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm not allowed to ask for birthday gifts this year.
If you are worrying that you've missed my birthday, you haven't!
My birthday is in 54 days or 1 month 23 days!!!
Fish's birthday is August 28th, too!
We will be two years old.
I'm not allowed to mention that I want: cat cookies, Roger Tory Petersens's North American Guide to Birds, diet coke bottle caps, a big pack of q-tips to chew on, a pair of Sperry Topsider shoe laces and a new cell phone.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Road Trip!

Road trip! Mom says Little Man Kitty and all of our revgalpetpals are getting in this Texas Kitty Car of Justice!

LMK says we are going to "water" stuff when we get there! Hee! Hee!

Pack your turtle quilts, cat cookies and litter boxes! Here comes the T.K.C. of J.!

Really Thrilled,


P.S. Even Fish wants to come with us! Andy says he is driving!

Fish's New Cast

We put our names on his last cast and his pawpedic doctor thought it was funny. Everybody signs casts. Can't we?
This cast is lighter weight than the first two. But don't mess with Fish! If you touch it, he will hiss and cry!
Mom says that I will have my ipod taken away for three days if I make Fish cry again.
All I want to do is play with him! All he wants to do is eat cat cookies and sleep under his turtle quilt.
That's all for now. It's time for bottle cap cat soccer with my dog, Sister.

Monday, July 2, 2007

See? I told you that the Humane Society has lots of kittens. This areas is kittens. Two other sections hold the older cats. I'm an older cat. I'll be 2 years old on August 28.
Mom says I have to blog everyday this week. My tennis camp is over and Bottle Cap Soccer is next week. Summer enrichment is endless.
Fish has a new cast with a shamrock on it. Our vet took off the old cast with "Sister", "Andy" and "Whistle" written on it.
Fish doesn't want to play anything but cards and long nappage. If I try to wrestle with him, he cries and Mom fusses at me. Drat!
Andy popped me upside the head yesterday. Several times. He doesn't want to play, either.
Gotta blog everyday this week,

Thursday, June 28, 2007

This Ginger Kitten

See this Ginger kitten and the two kittens behind him? He's at our Humane Society.
He does not have a Mama or Daddy or Who Man Bean children to play with.
Mom took this picture on Monday but waited until today to show it to us. Fish cried. I cried. We all meowed and howled.
These kittens need families to love them and wait upon them hand and paw.
We were rescue kittens but now we have a home.
Every kitten, cat, puppy and dog deserves a good safe home.
I am one of 600 million domesticated cats in God's World. I am doing my part to end homeless pets.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My laptop isn't working very well.
I'm busy helping my brother, Fish, get around because he has cast on his leg.
I have to monitor the bird feeder outside the kitchen window.
I want to blog but I'm busy being a Summer Cat.



Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fish is 'sposed to eat plain yogurt for added calcium while his leg heals. He doesn't like yogurt. I like yogurt! He gets shredded cheese instead. I like cheese!
Fish has his own friends. I guess this little animal is one of his friends from the Mrs. Tiggle-Wiggle's Summer reading group at the Cat Library.

8 Random Things About Me

1. I have polka-dots on my tummy.

2. I'm getting a black beauty mark on my nose. Fish's beauty mark is bigger!

3. I eat cat cookies out of my Mom's hand without dropping them.

4. I've caught 4 giant monstrous gekkos to protect my family.

5. I want to go outside.

6. Professor Whiskers thinks I'm a "bright young man who needs to apply himself".

7. My brother and I have the same birthday.

8. I'm a ginger cat, not "orange".

Cat kisses,


Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Enrichment for Pets, Debate Week

Our Mom keeps us studying in the summer. We are on vacation but she does not want our brains to soften. Mine feels just like it does during the school year but she may be on to something. A cat can't watch tree frogs and gekkos everyday without losing calculus and Cat History themes.

This was debate week. Sister, my dog, attended with us. Here is our debate:

Leash Laws: For or Against?

Rules: no name calling like "dog breath" or "hairball"; the louder your voice, the stronger your point.

Sister: I am against leash laws. How can a dog protect her people and cats if she can't run around checking the property. The hurricane broke our fence. Just because I go out into the street to sniff the Methodist tires across the street is no reason to stay home on a leash. What if a bad cat came into our yard or a bad dog? Leash laws are wrong!

Whistle: I am for leash laws. Dogs, except you, Sister, are scary and bad. Who needs dogs running around making poop and barking? What if they came into our house? Fish has a splint and he can't run as fast as I can. Put every dog except you on a leash! I like Molly and she's a dog but she is too busy at her home to come see us. She is an exception. All dogs on leashes!

Everyone applauded for us! We got a cat cookie for our good debate.

I'm not sure what we will study next week. The topic may be: "Hold It or Use the Litterbox: Six Steps to Better Pet Behavior. Yuk, like that would be fun...



Sunday, June 10, 2007

A GIANT GREAT BIG GEKKO LIZARD got into our house today! I made it stop moving! I did this alone and with GREAT BRAVERY.

I protected my family (and brother) from this GIANT LIZARD. I saved my family!


But, I made it stop terrorizing my family!

With All Humility,


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is how I felt today. We went to get our shots at the vet. The lady who gave us shots isn't our vet but some relief vet we don't know. She is rough with us.

She said that Fish's splint wasn't positioned correctly. She said today's x-rays show that his bone isn't healing. She said that he should have a pin in his leg! She said she didn't know why our vet didn't get a pin in his leg.

You should have seen our Mom. She was furious that this stupid vet talked about Fish's splint and his healing as though our vet is stupid. Mom wrote a blistering letter to our vet about what happened today.

Fish and I got three shots. Every single shot hurt. The relief vet told the tech that she didn't know how to hold us for shots then grabbed me and crushed my body to give me a shot. I wanted to bite and scratch her but Mom gave me The Look and I couldn't.

I don't like the relief vet. She gave me no relief. She is a real Maureen C. and I hate her! I do!

We aren't allowed to say we "hate" somebody but I hate this vet.

My butt hurts,


Monday, May 28, 2007

Dear Mrs. Inner Dorothy,

Thank you for the cat breff mints and treats. We tried to sit like the Buddha Cat on the bag of treats but Fish's splint won't bend. We have fresh breff and happy tummies.

Please give our best regards to your people and to Ouzo and Truffle. We want to be international pen pals with Ouzo and Truffle. Our teacher, Prof. Whiskers, says we need to "broaden our vistas" because we live in a tiny place in the Deep South.

We send you love, snorgles and several whisker tickles,


P.S. I'm writing this for Fish because he is napping. Mom told him to practice his thank you note writing but he just keeps his eyes closed.