Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guest Blogger: Dubby

My girl came home for not much time. Whistle and Fish say she lives somewhere else. I don't think this is true. I go into her room waiting for her. I get sleepy. I fall asleep. When I wake up, I can't find my girl.

She was here! She held me, talked to me and fed me Cat Crunchies!

She held me to get a pic of my Halloween costume. I'm trick or treating as a Big Mouse!

Whistle and Fish have costumes, too.

The weirdest thing happened today! Sister, my dog, went with my girl and Mr.C. to see my boy. We cats were left untended!!!

Whistle and Fish were very bad. I was good. We had the house to ourselves without Sister. I'm glad Sister came home. It's happier when she is here.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

LD is home!

She came back last night. We feel happy and full of purrs!

To get ready for her, I put tiny air holes in this wingback chair.

She loves me!

Whistle, one happy kitty

This is MY blog and I approve this message.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cat News Sunday Edition

Dubby has a new red collar. The jingly bell is red, too.

We have a big, big bag of Cat Crunchies. Gives me confidence.

Somebody cut his paw. He left bloody paw prints on the Study bathtub. We think it was Fish but he says cats hide pain. He's not telling.

Fish made an "A" on his paper, "Litter Boxes: The Indoor Cat's Dilemma." He wrote about how we use multi-cut shredded newspaper in our litter boxes because we are living Green around here. We put his paper on the refrigerator. He got an extra Cat Cookie.

Dubby heard about cats who live with bunny rabbits. He wants a bunny rabbit for a buddy.

Fish howls about the stock market. I told him what I heard on the Motley Fool, "if you aren't retiring in the next 3-5 years, pay no attention to the market." I don't think his stock in Greenies is in danger.

I've knocked the fake orchid plant off the Mantle four times! Each time it looks worse and worse! Maybe Mom will throw it away if I push it off again!

Dubby and Fish took a nap together last week. Can you believe that?

Andy killed a mau wus for Mom. He meowed until she came outside to praise him.

Sister is at Mr.C's office this afternoon guarding him.

Love from your Reporter,

Whistle, this is MY blog

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is my dog, Sister. She is my best friend in the world.

This is Andy. He is an outdoor and indoor cat. He is strong and brave.


Fish is in big trouble. He came in from being outside all night long this morning. He is an indoor kitty.

Mom asked to speak to him in the Cone of Silence. They went into her study and she closed the door.

Immediately, Dubby and I pressed ourselves to the closed door so we wouldn't miss a word.

Perfect Fish is getting blasted out by Mom!

She said:

"Fish, I know you are Adventure Cat in your heart. You were outside in the danger all night long. We have dogs, mean cats, squirrels, foxes, opossums and snakes in our neighborhood. We have speedy cars, too. You are not allowed to go outside at night and stay outside. You are in big trouble.

I know you like to take off your green collar when you go outside. You believe that Adventure Cat would not wear a kitty collar. This is dangerous, too. If you get lost or hurt, no one will be able to find us to help you if you lose your collar.

As punishment, I am going to trim the tip of your beautiful ginger tail fur into a straight line. Long ago, when my Grandmother was a child, her nurse told her that if you trim a cat's tail, the cat will not run away. If you disobey me and go outside at night, if someone finds you, they will know you are family cat because of the trimmed tail.

I want you to grow up to be big and strong. I want you to be our kitty for all the years God has for you. I expect you to stay indoors."

We heard "snip, snip" and then Fish yelled "Adventure Cat" and leapt out of the room.

You heard it here first.


Fish ran outside last night. He wouldn't listen to anyone!
Everytime they tried to get him, he ran away more.

We didn't sleep well because we worried about him.

This morning, we heard a little "meow" at the kitchen door.

It was Fish!

He's home with us again! He ate a big bowl of cat crunchies, lapped up a bowl of water and is now asleep.

We can't be happy when our brother is away from us.

He was lost and now is found.

Whistle, a happy brother

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Truffle and Ouzo,

We are studying Cats of the Cold White Stuff at Professor Whiskers. We don't have school today because the cat who ride the bus have flooding at their homes. We don't have flooding here but YOU MUST COME HERE RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!!

We have hot, blowing wet BREFF outside today!

Yes! Outside feels like the sky has breff with humidity*.

We think you haven't felt this kind of wind.

We don't know about Cold White Stuff except in books.

You can have some of Fish's Cat Bits to eat when you get here.

And, some of his cat cookies.



*Hat tip to Fish who remembered this word!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fish here. Whistle is off giving lap time to one of our people.
Everyone is home with us! We slept on her bed and now I'm telling you what is going on.

There is a wet thing outside today. Water is on the windows and floor outside.
We are inside, dry and full of cat cookies.

When a hurricane comes, we give lots of cat contact by staying with our people. I hid under the covers of her bed yesterday for hours. I didn't know what was happening. They moved big green plants inside and stuff from outside, too. I love having green plants indoors! I found bugs and geckos to catch! It's like a big party in here but the people feel stiff and tired.

It's our job to help our people. Not difficult to do because when I feel them getting stiff and tired, they pick me up to snuggle into my fur. She tells me she loves me and that I am wonderful many times.

Sister, our dog, is staying close to the people, too. She is beautiful. She has new flavor because the people took her to a place where she got a "bath". So silly! We groom Sister everyday! She doesn't need to go anywhere!

I try to worry when my people worry but I cannot. We are safe and dry. We have plenty of food. I can go wrestle with Whistle or Dubby anytime I want to. My water bowl is full. The litter box is clean. Really, now, what else is needed? Nothing to worry about here.

Dubby thinks the plants brought indoors are for our birthday celebration. I didn't tell him otherwise. He's young and this is his first hurricane.

Forgot to tell you that she sewed a wool felted sweater scrap cover for me! It's toasty and smells like her hands. I tried it out last night and slept for several hours under it.

If you are a cat, you need one of these cover thingies.

Time to go. I hear the cat food cannister shaking.

Fish, I am sure I am her favorite.