Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fish Speaks to Issue of Playfulness

Dear Agatha,

As you may observe, I am not going to play with you. You are a kitten, an untried mixture of "cute"* and activity.

I am a contemplative older cat, wise in years, dignified, private and very good-looking. I follow a Benedictine Spirituality for Cats**.  Playful? I am not.

Get over it and stop trying to pat my face, play with my tail, jump on me when I am under the covers meditating, try to get my cat cookies, chase me down the hall, ask me questions, try to sniff me and etc.

Being a distinctive Ginger Cat and published author of 27 e-books of poetry, deep thoughts and suggestions for How to Run the World, I am too busy to play.

Yours with a paw with your name on it,

*I don't think you are cute. Everyone else says you are cute.
**Benedictine but not following the rule of being kind to other cats.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Horrors of Daily Kitten Life

Yesterday Agatha stayed in the CLOSET when the door closed! She was trapped and even I with my extra toes could not get the door opened to save her. She meowed until the BIG CAT opened the door to let her out. Yours, Dubby