Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Christmas Ever!

This is Fish.

Christmas! I love it!

We got a bag of Greenies each!

On Christmas Eve the Treat Bucket fell over and we cleaned it up!

I found string and balled up paper for cat soccer!

A long nap Christmas afternoon!

Fish, loving it all

P.S. Some cats broke 3 Christmas tree shiny things. Not me! I wasn't even in the room when #4 hit the bricks this morning!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Picture of Dubby

Here I am sitting with my pal, Sean Connery, back in the '80s.

Hee Hee,


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Christmas Lists

Cat Cookies
cardboard box to sit in

Adventure Cat red cape
Warm water on my cat crunchies for Breakfast
Someone to play felt fish on a string with me

Cat Food
Cat Cookies
A freckle on my nose like Whistle and Fish

I would like to go to see "Marley and Me" about the yellow lab
I would like to sit in the theater seat with Mr.C. and eat popcorn with him
an afternoon off from taking care of the kitties

Friday, December 12, 2008

Whew! Yesterday was wild! Snow fell in Little Church Town and at LD's Art School Town! Snow! I don't know what it is but it looks like confused rain and I hear it is very cold.

The picture is from our newspaper.

We cats kept Sister, the Best Cat Nanny in the World, calm yesterday and last night while the church people across the street put on a live nativity. No camel this year!
We are happy because Sister does not allow people to walk in front of our house or other animals to be near us.

I took turns playing with her so she wouldn't run outside to bark at the frozen children who were pretending to be Mary, Joseph and the wise guys. I saw girls in white wearing angel wings when I looked out the kitchen window. It was too cold for cats or children to be outside!

It was a good night for being warm indoors.

Adventure Cat leapt outside this morning into the cold. What a nut~! He'll be mewing at the door soon complaining that his paws are icy.

We worried last night about cold and hungry pets and for that cat who lives behind the Mexican restaurant and doesn't have a home.

We had cat cookies and a warm bed last night. I don't know why some cats have goodness and other cats have hard lives.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Christmas! Live Tree Indoors with GLASS Ornaments! Bows and Gift Wrap! Stockings!
Cat Cookies!

I love Christmas. Advent I don't understand.

Aunt Songbird is coming soon!

I am so happy!

Whistle, this is MY blog despite repeated pirating by other cats in this house.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When you live with two brothers, the Best Dog in the World and Andy*, you can be happy all the time.

If you want to snuggle, find Sister or Fish or Dubby.

If you want to play, find Sister, Fish or Dubby.

We are never lonely because we have each other.

Fish takes time to meditate on his Turtle quilt or on the linen closet shelf. He likes to think Deep Thoughts. When he isn't being contemplative or brooding, he's a fun guy.

You can count on one of us to be annoying, too. What would the world be like without annoyance? I'm not saying who is the most annoying because Fish told me I could be the King of Annoy most days.

*Andy is busy 24/7 with his work. We love him but he doesn't want to play often or be snugly ever.

I love my family.

P.S. I was not the one who broke the Christmas Tree ornament yesterday. I think the wind blew it off or something.

love from your,