Friday, August 27, 2010

My Birthday: Whistle

Tomorrow I will be 5 years old. I was born in an empty house the night before Katrina blew through my town. My Mom went into labor with me and my litter-mates as the barometric pressure rose. We all came into a new world of downed trees, no power and a ruined homes.
It's best to be a kitten when hurricanes come. We were safe and dry, left alone in a house with food and water for our Mom and a comfortable place for us to snuggle with her. My eyes weren't open yet so I couldn't see the sky or even outdoors. I didn't know our Mom kept us close because she was anxious. I was warm and dry and ready to nurse.
Several weeks later, my owner brought me to the family I have now. I don't remember much about my first owner but she must have loved us because our family now is great.
I've learned so much in five years.
*a full food bowl inspires confidence
*having my litter-mate and other brother by a different mother close-by makes me happy
*if you love a dog like my dog Sister, you can learn to love a new dog
*having friends everywhere is fun and they don't eat your cat cookies
*some people think my magazine subscriptions are odd. I'm taking Oprah's mag now. My New Yorker sub ended.
*cat cookies are great 24/7
*sleeping with my people is good
*if you use your litter box exclusively you get in less trouble
*Cat University is more fun than Cat School
*being a Ginger Cat means I am beautiful
*nose freckles are admired greatly

I'm sure there is more. I can't think beyond the canned cat food I'm getting tomorrow at my Birthday Bash.

Thanks for you support of my bloggage,

Whistle, this is my blog

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Special Message from An Important Cat

Only 52 days until my fifth birthday.

Whistle This is my blog and I approve this message.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dubby Goes to the Movies: A Review of Twilight Eclipse

More wuff in this movie. I like it.

Movie Reviewer for this Blog

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Awards Day at Cat School

Whistle here.

Before I report on Awards Day, I need to tell you that our dog, Sister, got really sick and went away. We won't get her sickness and she loves us very much but she is not here anymore. We are supposed to think about her and remember her but she isn't here which is the point I'm trying to make and we can't do anything about it. She is the best dog Nanny, ever. My cat kibbles taste all wrong and so do my brother, Fish's cat kibbles. Dubby walks around meowing. At all the wrong times. We are doing the best we can and are putting one paw in front of the other.

About Awards Day:

Awards Won by Fish
Mr. Class President
Best Reader of Books on Camping
Most Likely to Go on Great Adventures

Awards Won by Me, Whistle (this is MY blog)
Class Favorite
Best at Being Fed Cat Cookies by Hand
Top Blogger for Class
The Happy Cat Award, 2010

Awards Won by Dubby
Most Improved at Being Fed Cat Cookies by Hand
Most Eager to Practice Being Fed Cat Cookies
Mr. Snuggle Bunny, 2010
The Singletary Buzzard Award for Original Thought in Philosophy

This Fall, Fish and I will be in the Upper School at Cat School.

Love from Whistle

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Dubby

If you see my dog, Sister, tell her to come home.
She left on Saturday and I can't find her.
I need to tell her something and give her a head bunt.

Love from your Dubby

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Sperry Topsiders

Dear Mr. Sperry Topsider,

Please send me shoes. I think Sperry shoes' leather shoe laces are the best. I give the leather stings the WHISTLE PAW of APPROVAL. Really, I mean it. I've chewed plenty of shoe laces but your shoe laces are the best. Just send shoes to chew on. The type I like are the ones marked womens and mens. Either type is great with me.

(I am a bit miffed with my people. They began wearing the Bluefish style. Those laces are cord, not leather! Yuk!)

Love forever,


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent for Cats

Management gave us a surprise this morning. We will be celebrating Lent. "It's Ash Wednesday", she said, "you will observe Lenten practice until Easter Sunday."

We were napping on her bed when she called the meeting to order. Fish and I woke up to pay attention while Dubby snuffled out lil snores. He's out like a light due to inappropriate Mardi Gras behavior yesterday. I won't give details, let him tell you, but he overdid everything and went to bed late, after Letterman Fish says.

Lent for Cats? We will stop trying to run out the kitchen door. We will stop clawing furniture. We will not wail meows after Lights Out.

I'm not sure I can do this. Fish says running out the door is his privilege as "Adventure Cat". Clawing furniture is cat manicures. I wail at night to relieve the Universe of excess grief/sadness/angst. It's my calling.

Does SHE realize we don't do self-reflection, sacrifice or repentance? We are cats and part of God's created order. We never bit that Apple, don't even like apples. We aren't heirs of original sin nor do we need to reflect on our deaths or grieve our sins.

Fish says if She says we are doing the Lent thing, then we are doing it. Rats! She waved a spray water bottle at us saying, "if you try to run out the door, claw furniture or wail, you will get a blast of water mist."

Someone report her. Now.

Here is what I'm willing to do for Lent: wear a purple collar; eat more fresh fish; give up chocolates and sweets (yuk!!!!); stop smoking; stop drinking; and refrain from cat cursing.

She says Lent means taking on correctives to one's souls behavior, too. My soul is a cat soul which no human understands. I'm on good ground with God who made me and loves me. I don't need correctives. I believe most cats would say they are perfect just as they are.

But, to show that I love her, I will: be a sweet companion when I can work it in my schedule, purr when she holds me, eat as many cat cookies as I can and keep Sister's ears clean.

Living in a religious household really chaps my tail at times.

Fish, this is my Blog and I approve this message

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cat News This Week by Dubby

*We heard about Ouzo and we feel sad.

*Whistle's right eye was inflamed. He looked like a pirate. His vet prescribed eyed drops. His eye is well now.

*Andy walked over to the Methodist Church for a funeral to pay his respects. The funeral director likes cats and tried to pat Andy. Mom asked Andy to stop pandering after the Methodists. Again.

*Whistle weighs 16lbs. His vet says he handles his weight well and isn't fat. As. If.

*I had cat cookies all to myself twice this week for Cat Cookie Hand Feeding Practice.
I made an "A".

*Fish called me a name.

*Sister is the best dog Nanny ever.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Goodbye, Ouzo

Dear My Sue,
I am sorry about Ouzo. Ouzo was a great cat. Living in a place with ice and snow, Ouzo remembered the pals of the Deep South.
Ouzo was a good friend. When I had cat cookies, Ouzo was glad. If Whistle acted like a cookie pig, Ouzo didn't like it.
Ouzo had friends all over the world. Ouzo never hissed at me or any other online cat pal. Ever.
My Sue, if you need to hug my turtle blanket, you can. I spend hours under it thinking deep cat thoughts. Today I am thinking about Ouzo and you.

Love from your,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Looks Like Dubby

This cat in I Can Haz Cheezeburger picture:

looks like Dubby

thinks like Dubby

is too thin to be Dubby.

Love from,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whistle Here

Happy New Year all Ye Kittys!

Our Aunt Songbird is here! She brought ME a copy of the Aristocats! I'll watch it today with her. Just me and maybe Dubby and Fish. Sister can watch too but not on Aunt Songbird's lap. Just me.

We have new weather here. It's cold here. Yes, not hot like we have most of the year. This new weather makes my fur upset and my paws chilly. Adventure Cat went outside today but didn't stay long. He said he had emails to write but it was too cold even for a cat who loves Adventure. Sister likes the cold. Andy slept inside with us because he was cold. Mom says 22 degrees means water bowls free up into little ice rinks for birds.

Our birds are beautiful. I watched them at the bird feeders yesterday and counted thirty hundred twelve birds eating. Some eat at the feeder while others pick food off the ground.

If you don't mind, I need to go tell Fish something so I have to go.

Whistle This is my blog. Just me.