Thursday, November 27, 2008


School is out this week for the Thanksgiving holidays. Mom forced us to watch Dubby's Potlach Program at Prof.Whisker's. Dubby wore a Native American outfit but it looked goofy on him. His class meowed songs. Dubby stopped during one song to yawn and lick his rear end. Fish and I laughed our heads off until Mom gave us the EYE.

I made good grades. Fish did great, too. Dubby does really well except in catching cat cookies.

Today is Thanksgiving. We got fussed at every time we went into the kitchen. Mom stayed in the kitchen for hours and hours.

Sister, the Best Dog in the World, got two bites of turkey. We don't eat turkey. We eat Cat Crunchies and Cat Cookies. That's all.

Our boy and girl are home! We love them! Sister loves the boy best but thinks the girl is wonderful. I slept on the girl's pillow last night. Fish makes her play the fishes on the string game until he is too tired to jump.

I am thankful for:
My people
Cat Cookies
my cat pillow
squirrels outside
birds outside
fresh water
ear scratches
my beautiful nose freckles
and all of you who are my friends.


this funny squirrel sign is from the Guardian U.K. website

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dubby here.

Why I like Flavor by Dubby

I enjoy all flavors, especially things to eat like food. I eat Cat Crunchies, Dog Crunchies, and any human food I can find. Today I licked the mixer blade in the sink.
Mom says I am not supposed to lick cookie dough on mixer blades or eat any human food. I do not understand this.

Flavor is my life. I love to eat. I am an Epicurean Kitty.

I am trying to be like my big dog friend, Sam. He is a Bearnaise Sauce Dog and lives with Aunt Songbird. He is big. I want to be just like him.

Sam throws up. I can learn to do this, too. Just like Sam.

I love Greenies but my Ginger Brothers are better at eating Greenies than I am.

I want to learn to eat off a sterling silver fork like Sister.

I love food.

Mom? That's all I can think of to write. OK?


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Watching Humans

After three years of close living with humans, I don't understand people. Last night, we ran through the bedroom playing Cat Patrol. Humans fussed at us. When we were tired of playing we napped. Later we played Pop Your Brother where you pop Fish on the head with open paws. He popped me back and we both popped Dubby. Humans fussed at us. Early this morning, we played Scratch the Wall and the new game I invented. I call it Phone Beeping. Put your paws on the land line phone buttons to make beeps. Humans fussed at us. I think the Mama pushed me once! She has gentle hands so this made me feel terrible!

Can you explain?

Love, Whistle