Thursday, September 17, 2009

School Report

Things I See When I Look Out the Window, a list by Whistle
For Prof. Whiskers September 17, 2009

Blue Jays

Love Bugs
Yellow Jackets
Bugs with Orange Pants


Sister, my Dog
Andy, my Brother
Fish, on his daily Courtyard Rounds
Opossums, if I stay up late at Night

Note to Professor Whiskers, Please sir, give me an "A" on this list. Love from Whistle

Friday, September 4, 2009

Editorial by Fish

School started early in August here. We're getting up early, packing our book bags for Cat School with Professor Whiskers and his faculty. Summer projects are over!

My younger brother, Dubby, is caught up in a cultural maelstrom of silliness! He thinks he is a dead ringer for the Wuff in New Moon. He growls, leaps and poses all day long, except when he is texting, chatting or twittering with his Twilight pals.

Yep, THAT movie cult!

Yesterday, Dubby wore his underwear rolled over at the waist just like Jacob Black in the picture above. Really! He didn't start wearing drawers or working on his six pack until he saw the movie. He memorized all the dialogue. He refers to himself as "the Wuff".

Oh please. He's trying to raise money to go to the Cat Twilight Con! His Con group, Twi-Cats#10 Gulf Coast, voted for him to represent them.

Let him go! We will have "Wuff-Free" days while he's out there debating "Bella, Is she the best character ever?" and "Do Wuffs Like Greenies?"

Make him stay home! Get that cat to wise up! Pay attention to Cat School! Focus!


by Fish, Wise, Smart, Mature