Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fish Speaks to Issue of Playfulness

Dear Agatha,

As you may observe, I am not going to play with you. You are a kitten, an untried mixture of "cute"* and activity.

I am a contemplative older cat, wise in years, dignified, private and very good-looking. I follow a Benedictine Spirituality for Cats**.  Playful? I am not.

Get over it and stop trying to pat my face, play with my tail, jump on me when I am under the covers meditating, try to get my cat cookies, chase me down the hall, ask me questions, try to sniff me and etc.

Being a distinctive Ginger Cat and published author of 27 e-books of poetry, deep thoughts and suggestions for How to Run the World, I am too busy to play.

Yours with a paw with your name on it,

*I don't think you are cute. Everyone else says you are cute.
**Benedictine but not following the rule of being kind to other cats.

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