Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dubby's Diary

Dear Diary,
This is Dubby. Fish is grumpy and won't blog. Agatha is too young. Our dog, Annie, is busy.
Do you remember how my heart hurt when Whistle died? I had a big hurt in my chest that three dozen cat cookies couldn't fix. Everyday felt slow and sad like a day filled with hissing and head swipes.
Then, the best thing ever happened to me. I got a kitten named Agatha. She is little and has green cats and black fur. She took medicine when she first came to my house and had skinnyness which our human family doesn't allow. Now she is shiny like Fish and me and has a round tummy like....well, maybe somebody like me.
Anyway, having my own kitten makes me very happy.
My job is to help her learn cat stuff. Her job is to be my snugglebunny. And, clean my ears.
She knows how to do most stuff but sometimes she makes mistakes like jumping into the toilet when the lid was left up by that boy. Ewww.
Ooops! It's nap time. See you later, tater.


Susan O said...

Dear Dubby,
Congrats on your new kitten!

Di said...


Even from waaaaay over here, I'm still sad about Whistle.

But I'm excited to hear about Agatha.

Alison said...

I know you will be a great teacher for Agatha - you learned from the best!

Unknown said...

Dear Dubby,
You are doing a good job with your kitten. I live with an old lady cat, and she tries to scratch my nose. I don't understand her. Maybe I would like a kitten better.
Your friend in Maine,

Rev SS said...

Dear Dubby,
We are so happy to hear about Agatha.
Christopher & Cassandra
(& mom, Serena)

(we had to say goodbye to Oliver a couple of weeks ago, and we really miss him)