Monday, January 23, 2012

Dubby's Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm proud of my kitten, Agatha. She's doing great with learning to lapsit, chasing paper balls and snuggling. Every cat should have a kitten for a pal!

Before Agatha was my kitten, I thought I would never have a friend. My cat Whistle and my dog Sister both left me. Fish is a contemplative in the Order of Grumpy Cats so he doesn't need me. He says mean things to me and tries to hit me with his paw.

Agatha loves me and I love her. She calls me "Mom", "Dad", "Uncle" and "Mr." I don't think she knows much about titles.

Oh! She is learning to meow in her big cat voice. You should hear her!



Alison said...

I'm very happy that Agatha is a good kitten for you. I know that you are a great cat for her!! I'm still sad that Sister and Whistle left but we love and love and now you have someone new to love - and that makes me happy!

Unknown said...

Dear Dubby,
I am so happy that Agatha is a friend for you. She needs a friend, too!
Aunt Songbird

Jan said...

Dubby, that's lovely that you and Agatha have each other as friends. Perhaps Fish is still missing Whistle and that's why he's grumpy.

Agatha will soon learn things if you teach her carefully. Let her call you whatever she chooses but my human says don't let her call you late for breakfast!

Love, Sweetpea

1-4 Grace said...

Dear Dubby,
We are so proud of you for taking such great care of Agatha. You are doing a wonderful job with your kitten. She is very fortunate to have you there.
We are eating lots of cat cookies and making sure our Whomanbean is up before the sun.
Mel, Mia, Mugs and Maddy

Rev SS said...

We are so very happy that you have another kitty friend; and that you are taking such good care of her.

Cassandra & Christopher (we miss our Oliver and Samantha, but are glad we have each other)